Python Bootcamp for Data (2022)

File Name: Python Bootcamp for Data (2022)
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In this course, you will learn how to work effectively with Python. You will understand how to use variables, create functions, and work with classes. That foundational knowledge will allow you to understand testing and testing techniques to validate your work and then move onto Pandas and Numpy which allows you to work effectively with data sets and other data science tasks.

This is valuable for anyone wanting to get a quick introductory course on Python, like a student, programmer new to Python or aspiring data engineer or data scientist. At the end of this course you’ll be ready to work with more advanced concepts with Pandas and Numpy with a solid foundation in Python for any other task.

All lessons and videos have accompanying GitHub Repositories with example code.

This course has extensive content that covers Python for beginners and then moves onto more complex Python operations including data analysis, exploration, and manipulation with Pandas and NumPy. It will include the following learning objectives

Work with logic in Python, assigning variables and using different data structures

Create functions and classes of different types

Write, run, and debug tests using Pytest to validate your work

Manipulate data with Pandas

Create and modify NumPy arrays


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