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dycryption code :- jpez-REw_PeN4WzSedSC_Q :100:

27 jan class has been added guys please do watch & this was the last class from this series! :100:


Thank you for adding it up. Wish we get more coming…May God Bless You

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Thank you so much for updating

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i cannot see the latest upload of 27th jan plz check it

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Not able to see latest video jan 27th, please check

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checked everything is fine :+1:

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Hey BerZerK Plz recheck it

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Hey BerZerK,
Do you by any chance have subasish’s ‘A Complete Intraday Trader’ course. Not the complete trader one but complete intraday trader course?

If so, could you kindly upload the course here, if possible?

i dont have a recordings of offline sessions but i do have online conducted complete intraday trader course from 2018 !

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How much capital is required to execute the training in this live classes course ?


Hi bro , Can you share the course you stated ?


Ok. Then, could you please upload the 2018 online course that you have.
And also, thank you for replying back.

And of course thanks a ton for these other uploads.

And if you have any other courses that you have personally liked on ‘intraday’ especially, please do share.

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Mega me free download hota hai

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yes :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Those who have problem to download big file from mega, plz watch this video How to download large mega files without any limits 2022 | Download mega files using megabasterd - YouTube

can you provide ITFPRO course

Not all heros wear capes… Appreciate your efforts brother :slight_smile: