Marie Forleo – Time Genius 2022 (Best time managment course)

What is Time Genius?

Time Genius is a live online experience that will catapult your joy, focus, and accomplishment FAST.

If you’re constantly drained, distracted, and overstretched — it’s not your fault. Millions of smart, hard working people have gotten sucked into a toxic and soul-crushing nightmare — constantly scrambling, scattered, and exhausted, but never seeming to get anything significant done.

In this program you’ll get a fail-proof and flexible system that shows you step-by-step how to take back control of your time, wealth, and life — while rejecting the “Time Stress Trap” most of the world is caught in.

How does Time Genius work?

Time Genius is designed to be a fully immersive experience so that you don’t just learn the material, but live it. Beyond the 5 core training Modules, you’ll get live video group coaching with Marie Forleo, plus support from a team of expert Mentor Coaches to help guide you throughout the program.


Fun Sheets to practice and sharpen your new skills.

The Simplify To Amplify Audit — a powerful exercise that reveals which activities get you the best ROI for your time, energy, and creativity.

A foolproof Focus Checklist with exactly what you need to do before you sit down to work.

4 Advanced Bonus Trainings that are NOT available anywhere else — that’s nearly $2,000 in additional value, completely free!

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Download: MEGA

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