Made easy civil course mega link needed!

I need made easy civil video lectures mega link which is going viral in .gem form, i have the password and the player, i just need the course link.

If you provide me mega link i can share whole course through Google drive and telegram.

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This is not for CIVIL Engg. It’s only for CSE

how u got the password ?

Mila kya bro

Bro, did you find the link & password?

nope only got cse link

Nop nahi mila still searching

Mat khoj mat khoj …

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nhi khojega koi bhi agr mil jayega link and password.
Agr hai to dedo bhai…

thanks for sharing!!. But what is the usename and password.

Can you provide gate cse lecture??

Hey anjali can you send gate cs course??
My email [email protected]

Please give me also Made East CSE CTQ course if you have it.

hi , Please can you share it with me.

Bro i have the link of the course in backup.

Bro if you contact me then i will provide you the link

I need for CSE can you provide me the link, please share your telegram contact or insta.

Bro can you share link with me…

the link has expired can u share the link in [email protected] , please share it as i cannot afford the course