Looking for Raghav Value Investing Course

Looking for Raghav Value Investing Course Complete Stock Market Course


Hey @vishu_97

I read the link post above you provided. It is just basic material. Just don’t waste your time. Have you completed rachana ranades’ courses, which are freely available? If yes, also complete vijay malik’s investing course and read his case studies (they also available for free). They are enough.

Few other things; No levelraged trading like intraday, FnO atleast in the starting stage. And also don’t invest. Investing seems easy but it’s more difficult than trading.

Then what is the better option?

Do swing and position trading. Get a good job and use 50% of income in trading only after becoming an expert.

You may ask, How do I know I’m an expert? You’ll know when you’re making consistant profits and also when you are beating Nifty index return.

Last but not least. Remember that, "you don’t need multibaggers to become rich. Every year for 20years, 20% return on 1 lakh rupee is 3733.76. Imagine if you are trading with 5 lakhs, you’ll get approximately 1.91 crores, which a good amount for middle class persons to retired.

Psychology i.e your behaviour with market matters the most.

Best of luck!:bouquet:


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Best answer for a person who finding courses rather learning

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Great Answer. Please guide me where to get hold of Dr. Vijay Malik’s investing course?