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It’s our ongoing mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success that flows freely in abundance. That’s what defines Affluent.

No matter where you are right now, you are able to make change. Your life is controlled by the actions that you take.

The Academy offers a proven system that has already helped its students with no previous experience, generate £millions in revenue - creating numerous successful marketing agencies.

We’re not for everyone - just those that are ready to commit, to take action and put in the work.

So, if working with true professionals appeals to you. If being guided by experts towards financial freedom makes sense; if taking control of your life and being successful excites, then we should be talking.

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9 Modules With 60+ Personally Delivered Lessons
2 LearnAds Pro Course Passes
Module 1 - Laying Your Mental Foundations
7 Lessons

In this module we teach you how to set yourself up for success. It’s vitally important that you yourself are a success first before we can begin on actually launching your agency. It’s these crucial foundations that separate the successful from the unsuccessful.
Navigating the Affluent Academy

A full overview of the host platform and accessing all course contents.
What we cover:

Overview of navigating around the platform
How to watch the content and access all learning materials
How to quickly recap lessons when referencing in the future

Fundamental Rules Of Play

This lesson covers how to get the most out of this program. This is very important.
What we cover:

General housekeeping & rules
How to join our exclusive community
Our 5-step support process
The crucial traits our biggest success stories possess

Identification Of Self

It’s vital for your success for you to recondition the person you are today. You cannot expect to get different results by doing the same thing you’re doing right now and in this lesson we teach you how to identify the true you. The one destined for greatness.
What we cover:

Who you are and how to break mental barriers
How the golden circle relates to neuroscience
Developing a why that will push you through anything

Getting Your House In Order

If we’re going to ensure you have the highest chances of success, the first thing we need to do is ensure that all elements of your life are in order first. This lesson and attached worksheets will enable you to analyse all areas of your life which could be limiting your potential growth.
What we cover:

How to break bad habits & replace them with good
Crafting a routine that plays to your personal strengths
The impact of your environment & surroundings

The Journey Ahead

Everybody glamorises the entrepreneurship journey… in this lesson we cut through the noise and give you a realistic expectation of the journey ahead. If you can understand the potential hurdles ahead as an agency owners, you’ll grant yourself a much straighter path to success.
What we cover:

The sisyphus mindset and how it relates to business
How to fall in love with failure
Unlocking the power of manifestation

Focus Shifting

In this lesson you will learn the fundamentals to becoming a high-performance individual. We will teach you how to build macro & microgoals and most importantly, how to stick to them.
What we cover:

The differences between micro & macro goals
How to obliterate your goals in half the time of others
Using the Lifestyle Calculator to establish financial targets

Harnessing The Social Advertising Revolution

We’re now in the age of social media, a world addicted to their mobile phones. Businesses now have the opportunity to get themselves in front of their customers in just a few clicks and in this lesson you’ll learn how to take advantage of the opportunity presented to you.
What we cover:

What statistics tell us about global social media usage after the pandemic
The opportunity at hand and where you come in
Fulfilling the role of a social media marketer
How to become an Affluent Agency Award winner

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Module 2 - The Launch Sequence
6 Lessons

In this module you will learn how to set up all the essentials before starting work on your marketing agency, even if you’re completely new to business. You’ll be able to establish your position in the industry, giving you the highest chance of success right from launch.
Establishing Your Business

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to entrepreneurship. In this lesson you’ll learn how to set yourself up legally in your country of residence.
What we cover:

Setting up a business anywhere in the world
Tax efficiency structures to follow
How to set up business bank accounts & accountancy tools

The New Era Agency

So we’ve already established you want to launch a marketing agency, but what agency model are you going to follow? In this lesson we cover the pro’s and con’s between different agency types.
What we cover:

The problem with traditional marketing agencies
Pro’s and con’s to freelancing and company building
What the New Era Agency is and why you should adopt the model

Building A Brand

Great branding is what separates companies the worlds most successful companies from those that get capped at mediocracy. In this lesson, we dive deep into what makes a great brand and how to build one.
What we cover:

Developing a brand that’ll create influence on your industry
How to start building both an agency and personal brand
Naming your agency the right way

Website & Email Creation

An integral component of a solid brand is a high-quality website. In this lesson you will learn how to create a design friendly website with ease, even with zero previous development experience.
What we cover:

How to create a clean, yet effective website
Purchasing a domain name & hosting
Setting up a professional email account

Ready-To-Go Website Templates

We wanted to take the stress away from building an agency website and in this lesson you’ll gain access to three ready-to-go website templates that you can use to create your agency website in as little as 30 minutes.
What we cover:

Who should use these templates
How to customise each website
Attaching your custom domain name

Service Offering Formula

There are a range of services a digital marketing agency can offer and as a beginner it’s often hard to know what to offer and when. In this lesson we cover all the most profitable services and in what instances you should offer them.
What we cover:

The core service offering
What additional services to offer potential clients
How to produce the perfect offer every time

Value Based Pricing Structure

As business owners, we don’t charge based on how long it takes us to fulfil a service. We charge based on the value of the services we provide. In this lesson you’ll learn how to structure your prices.
What we cover:

An overview of the issues of time-based pricing
What value-based pricing is and why it’s king
How much to charge based on specific service offers

Recap Quiz

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Module 3 - Sales Prospecting
7 Lessons

In this module you will learn how to set up all the essentials before starting work on your marketing agency, even if you’re completely new to business. You’ll be able to establish your position in the industry, giving you the highest chance of success right from launch.
Crafting Your Niche(s)

Picking a niche or an industry to target within your marketing agency is one of the most common stumbling blocks for new starters. In this lesson we cover exactly how to pick the most lucrative options.
What we cover:

Whether you should ‘niche down’ or not
The best and most lucrative niches
How to establish what niche(s) are best for you

Trends To Look Out For In 2022

As a marketer, staying ahead of the trends is absolutely essential. Failure to do so will result in your competitors out-shadowing you with ease. In this lesson you will learn the hottest trends to keep an eye on for the coming year.
What we cover:

The fastest growing industries in the world right now
How to keep an eye on changes within them

DNA Of The Perfect Client

Whilst the world may consist of hundreds of thousands of potential clients, how can we sift through the masses to find the golden nuggets? That’s exactly what we go through in this lesson.
What we cover:

The specific criteria to look for in potential clients
Red flags to avoid from the start

Leveraging Your Existing Network

Your biggest weapon when launching a new business is your existing network. In this video you’ll learn exactly how to squeeze the most out of the relationships you’ve established through your life.
What we cover:

Why your existing network is your biggest weapon
How to get referrals from friends, family & lost acquaintances
Specific outreach scripts to use

15 Lead Generation Techniques

Knowing how to generate leads for your agency can be confusing, especially if you’ve never had to do so before. In this video, we teach you over 15 methods for quickly finding potential clients for your agency.
What we cover:

What specific information to look for
The best lead generation techniques for your agency
How to find potential clients in over 15 different ways

Hands-Off Lead Generation

As a business owner, there comes a time where time consuming tasks become something worth paying others to complete. In this lesson, we introduce the member-exclusive Affluent Lead Sourcing service that grants access to our in-house team who will generate leads for you, for a very reasonable fee.
What we cover:

What the Affluent Lead Sourcing service is and how to use it
Fully qualified lead list examples

Agency Management System & CRM

The correct management of your pipeline is incredibly important whilst scaling any sales-based business. Failure to do so will result in a chaotic client acquisition process. In this lesson we make ease of organising your entire sales process through our custom Agency Management System.
What we cover:

The correct sales process terminology
How to manage your pipeline
An introduction to the Agency Management System

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Module 4 - How To Secure Meetings
10 Lessons

In this module you will learn how to convert cold leads into meetings, using a variety of different strategies. You will also learn how to master sales, even if you have no previous experience selling before.
The Psychology Of Sales

In order to successfully sell anything, you must first understand why people buy. After completing this lesson, you will understand the process behind selling and become a pro at converting potential customers.
What we cover:

The 4 must-knows in any sales situation
Key traits of a top performing sales person
What thousands of hours closing taught me

Achieving Instant Respect

The majority of the time when selling, we’re trying to convert people who don’t already know us. This makes it incredibly important to gain respect early on in the conversation. In this lesson you will learn how to demand respect from anyone.
What we cover:

The salesperson vs business owner mind-shift
How to carry yourself in any sales setting

Self Analysis & Playing To Strengths

Everyone is different, it’s what makes us human. It’s incredibly important that as a business owner we don’t get caught up on trying to become anything other than the best version of ourselves. This lesson will allow you to analyse who you are and maximise on your existing strengths.
What we cover:

Establishing your personality type
What your personality says about you as a sales person
How to play to your strengths in a sales setting

Cold Calling Remastered

Those who say that cold calling doesn’t work simply don’t know how to do it effectively. In this lesson you will learn how to use hyper-relevant strategies to secure meetings with complete strangers over the phone.
What we cover:

Why cold calling as you know it is ‘dead’
How to overcome the fear of picking up the phone
The 5 step pre-call priming process
Comprehensive script training

Mass Email Automation

Are emails a thing of the past? Absolutely not. This lesson is all about automating your email outreach, using strategies with unrivalled open-rates.
What we cover:

Where 99% of companies go wrong with email
How to skyrocket email open rates
Cold & warm email templates
Mass email automation tools

DM Domination

Direct messages are an extremely effective way to secure meetings with potential clients. In this video you will our exact DM conversion scripts and how to use them.
What we cover:

Why direct message and what platforms to use
Keys to success with DMs
The 4 step process
Outreach & follow up scripts


Not to be forgotten, there are a ton of ways to secure meetings face-to-face. In this lesson you will learn the most effective strategies both myself and our members have used.
What we cover:

How to confidently walk into businesses and secure meetings
Creating a lasting impression at networking events & trade-shows

Loom Video Strategy

This highly effective strategy is for those confident on using video audits to secure meeting with potential clients, giving a competitive edge over competitors. In this lesson you’ll learn how to master the art of Looms.
What we cover:

Why you should use video audits
When & where to send them to
Example video’s we’ve sent out that secured meetings

Affluent Outreach Formula

It is absolutely essential that in sales, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The Affluent Outreach Formula combines a number of strategies in a tactical time-based order, in order to squeeze an answer out of each and every lead.
What we cover:

The importance of diversity in sales
How to squeeze an answer out of every prospect
The 4 step conversion formula

Objection Crushing (Meeting Setting)

It’s completely natural to face rejection in sales. In this lesson, you will learn how to convert no’s into yeses using time-proven scripts and strategies.
What we cover:

The reasons people give objections
Overcoming any objection when securing meetings

Recap Quiz

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Module 5 - How To Close Clients
11 Lessons

In this module you will learn how to convert warm leads into paying clients using our complete multi-platform meeting strategy.
Fundamentals To Success

It’s one thing being able to secure meetings, it’s another thing being able to close. In this lesson you will learn how to demonstrate the key traits of a successful closer, even if you’ve never closed anyone before.
What we cover:

Recap on why people by
Why social media marketing isn’t ‘hard-sales’
How to give yourself the highest chances of closing

Perfect Preparation

After completing this lesson you will be able to prepare yourself before jumping into any meeting, ensuring you make the best impression and have all the necessary tools for success.
What we cover:

The essential research before a meeting
How to present yourself properly
What to have with you every time

The Cold Meeting Strategy

So, you’ve secured a meeting through cold outreach? Now it’s time to close them. In this lesson you will learn our full 3-stage cold meeting strategy. This strategy has been mastered over years of use and millions in revenue generated.
What we cover:

How to prepare before a meeting
Our full 3-step cold strategy
Adapting the strategy for phone, video and face-to-face
Different call structures for all scenarios

The Warm Meeting Strategy

As your agency grows, you’ll start go gain attention from businesses looking for advertising services. At the Affluent Agency we receive 5-10 inbound enquiries per week, so it’s safe to say we’ve mastered the warm strategy… now it’s time for you to learn it.
What we cover:

The non-negotiable checklist
How to qualify inbound leads
Our full 3-step warm strategy
The secret to building a relationship with any prospect

Objection Crushing (Closing Clients)

Rejection in a meeting can be the sticking point for numerous agency owners. In this lesson you will learn how to never take no for an answer and how to convert no’s in numerous different ways.
What we cover:

The most common objections when closing clients
Why an objection is not a rejection
How to skyrocket your close-rate

First Clients With No Credibility

When looking to secure your first client, it can be frustrating if a business owner doesn’t instantly find you credible. If you find yourself in this situation with a highly lucrative potential client, this lesson will provide you with a strategy to push them over the line.
What we cover:

When to offer a free trial
How to position the offer in order to prevent brand damage

Payments & Onboarding

The transition from prospect to paying client can be long and tedious without effective systems in place. This lesson will enable you to replicate the exact systems we use within the Affluent Agency.
What we cover:

The most cost-effective payment options
What on boarding is and how to do it smoothly
Full 30-day incubation period

Kick-Off Meeting Structure

In order to tie up all loose ends, we must conduct a kick-off meeting with all new clients. In this lesson you will learn how to effectively structure these meetings.
What we cover:

The true purpose of a kick-off meeting
How to structure it correctly, ensuring you’re ready to commence service

Comprehensive Case Studies

That’s right. In this lesson, we’ll be providing you with countless case studies from our personal clients, which you can leverage. These case studies are from a variety of niches with return on investment ranging from 3x to 20+.
What we cover:

What makes a great case study
Full walkthrough of our case studies & how to use them

Schedule For Success

As we establish in module 1, a good routine is essential to the success of any business owner. In this lesson, you will learn full structures that you can follow for your days in the growth stages of your agency.
What we cover:

The importance of scheduling your days
Full day growth stage schedule
How to use the Agency Growth Calculator to aid your routine

Accountability Coaching

So you now have all the tools needed to begin closing agency clients. In this lesson, you will gain access to schedule a call with one of our accountability coaches. You’ll then kickstart a 30-day coaching period with the sole focus of helping you sign as many clients as possible
What we cover:

What our accountability coaches do
The terms of our action-based guarantee of success
How to schedule the call & opt-in

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Module 6 - Real Sales Examples
6 Lessons

In this module you will gain access to a number of live end-to-end sales closes with Jordan and Affluent Agency clients, from initial outreach to contract signed.
Live Sales Meeting 2 (Cold Call, 1 Call Close)

In this lesson you will see the full process of Jordan signing a new client for the Affluent Agency. This example is a relatively straight forward and easy close over the period of 5 days.
What we cover:

Cold call recording
Sales call recording
All emails and loose ends

Live Sales Meeting 2 (DM Outreach, 2 Call Close)

In this lesson you will see the full process of Jordan signing a new client for the Affluent Agency. This example is a two-meeting close with a very great relationship formed.
What we cover:

DM outreach used
Sales call recordings x 2
How we managed to build a relationship so quickly

Live Sales Meeting 3 (Email Outreach, 2 Call Close)

In this lesson you will see the full process of Jordan signing a new client for the Affluent Agency. This example is a two-meeting close with a little uncertainty from the initial call.
What we cover:

Email outreach used
Sales call recordings x 2
What could improved this close

Live Sales Meeting 4 (Email Outreach, 1 Call Disqualified)

In this lesson you will see the full process of Jordan signing a new client for the Affluent Agency. This example is one-meeting with an unsuitable prospect, you will see an example of how we politely rejected them.
What we cover:

Email outreach used
Sales call recording
Why we rejected a multi-million $ client

Live Sales Meeting 5 (Inbound, 1 Call Close)

In this lesson you will see the full process of Jordan signing a new client for the Affluent Agency. This example is a one-meeting close with a multi-million pound business.
What we cover:

How we received the enquiry
Sales call recording
Attracting clients like this for yourself

Live Sales Meeting 6 (Inbound, 1 Call Close, Bad Deal)

In this lesson you will see the full process of Jordan signing a new client for the Affluent Agency. This example is a one-meeting close with a bad deal agreed, due to the fault of Jordan.
What we cover:

How we received the enquiry
Sales call recording
Deal analysis
What should of been done differently

Recap Quiz

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Module 7 - The Science Of Getting Results
7 Lessons

In this module you will learn the psychology behind why marketing works and absolutely all of the foundations around getting set up with both your agency and a brand new client.
The Psychology of Marketing

What separates good marketers from exceptional marketers is the ability to understand the psychology behind the strategies used to get results. In this video, you’ll learn the science behind world-class marketing strategies.
What we cover:

What marketing is & how it works
The psychological journey of a customer

Content Creation & Gathering

One of the first things you will need to do when working with a client is gather as much content as possible for organic posts and advertisements. This video will teach you what content to gather and how to store it.
What we cover:

What content to use
Standards to follow when gathering content
How to create image & video based content

Breaking Emotional Barriers

As a marketer it’s important we keep our emotions away from an ad account, as getting attached to an individual campaign can destroy a clients overall return on investment.
What we cover:

How to separate your emotions from ads
Calculating when to kill an ad

Developing A Marketing Strategy (Updated Version)

As a marketing agency, you will need to be able to create marketing strategies on the spot. This can be incredibly daunting to new business owners. This video breaks down the steps you need to take to create an effective marketing strategy for any business.
What we cover:

Key sources of strategic information
How to write SMART goals
The presentation of your initial marketing plan

Master Calculation Tool (Break Even ROAS, LTV) - Dan

In this lesson we will use the Agency Management System to calculate client Break Even ROAS, a crucial piece of data when advertising for any business. It’s important we establish profitability before we launch ads.
What we cover:

What Break Even ROAS is
How to calculate it
ROAS targets and realistic minimums

Ad Tracking & Reporting Post iOS14

Client reports have become increasingly difficult post iOS14. In this lesson we will teach you how we’re reporting data to our clients at the Affluent Agency and how we’re ensuring maximum tracking accuracy.
What we cover:

How iOS14 has impacted client reports
Creating simple yet effective client reports
New data points to analyse post iOS14

Individual Platform Training

In this lesson we’ll cover how you can gain access to the Pro ad training programs, if you haven’t already gained access. We’ll also reveal how to use any additional Course Passes that you hold.
What we cover:

How to access LearnAds Pro courses
Diversification of service within agencies

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Module 8 - Agency Scaling & Automation System
10 Lessons

In this module you will learn how to scale your agency to reach your personal goals and build an incredible team that’ll grant you back the time-freedom every business owner strives for.
Adhering To Agency Targets

An agency based business depends on sales and the success of any sales dependant company is based on the teams ability to stick to targets. In this video we’ll set realistic daily sales targets for you to adhere to in order to scale with ease.
What we cover:

Agency growth targets & conversion rates
How to unlock a state of hyper-focus
Logging agency sales performance

The Plague Of Complacency

Having witnessed the rise and fall of thousands of advertising agencies over the past years, we have unrivalled insight into what separates those that succeed from those that don’t. In this video we highlight the most common points of complacency within agency life and how you can avoid them.
What we cover:

Common complacency points
Re-aligning with agency goals & why
The secret to everlasting motivation

Rapid Scaling Through Referrals

Once established. a properly formatted agency will grow organically, relieving the pressure of outbound sales. After completing this video you will be able to use existing client relationships to gain an evergreen stream of client referrals.
What we cover:

What referrals are and how to structure them
The full client referral process & scripts

High Ticket Closing Examples ($10k p/m+)

The Affluent Agency has effectively closed numerous 5 figure monthly client deals. In this video we break down a number of different strategies we use to close high ticket clients. These strategies will draw in life-altering revenue increases.
What we cover:

Examples of high-ticket client closes & scripts
4 strategies used for closing 6 figure clients
The power of micro-niching within your agency

Automated Case Study Funnel

We charge between $5-10k to create bespoke case study funnels for our agency clients. In this video we give you access to the exact funnel we use within our agency, including full integrations. This funnel will generate a limitless stream of highly qualified inbound leads, both organically and with paid traffic.
What we cover:

Breakdown of the exact case study we use
How to structure your case study video
The most effective traffic sources
Paid advertisement strategy for agency funnels

Full Team Build-Out System

There will come a time in your agency growth where you will need to hire a team. After completing this video you will have a full understanding of a multitude of different paths you can take when building your team.
What we cover:

When to expand your team
The 3 main options when launching an agency
Full Affluent Agency hiring timeline breakdown
4 types of team member and how to hire them
Hiring scripts & qualification

Reviewing Team Applications

Watch us filtering through applications for new Affluent Agency job roles. This video will teach you exactly what to look out for in potential team members and how to effectively conduct an ‘initiation test’ for all candidates.
What we cover:

The best hiring websites & resources
How to read into client applications
Effectively testing new team members

Killer Sales Team System

Over the past year we’ve battled through numerous sales team structures from commission only overseas to full-time local employees. In this video we reveal our killer sales team system that automates agency sales outreach.
What we cover:

Our path of sales team hiring
Key lessons from all hiring options
How to hire key sales performers
Systemising the sales process

Eliminating Yourself

The majority of agency owners launched their business so they could gain complete financial and time freedom, although for many they end up working harder than they did in their 9-5. This doesn’t need to last forever. In this video we teach you how to eliminate your agencies dependancy on you, giving you complete time freedom.
What we cover:

The dilemma of all new entrepreneurs
How to create a ‘real company’
The dictator to leader transition
Tools for maximum team efficiency & automation

Third Party Tools

In this video we summarise all of the third-party tools discussed throughout the Affluent Academy. This lesson serves as a quick reference point, eliminating the need to search through individual videos.
What we cover:

All of the third-party tools to use within your agency

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Module 9 - Q&A Video Recordings

In this module we upload all of the weekly Q&A calls with our community, no questions are off-limits on these calls. This is a library of explosive value.
LearnAds Pro Course Passes x 1
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