How to make money in your 20s | Passive Income Ideas | Ankur Warikoo | Hindi Video|

As a kid growing up in Delhi, I was very fascinated with the process of making money. I always wanted to explore all ways you could make money, beyond the traditional way of having a job. This video lays out those stories. From a rental service and inventory management business in our summer vacations, to making money in the name of God, to how being good in studies paid for my tuition, to playing a gamble in Diwali mela - the video has it all. Not only that, how I had fun #makingmoney in college, leveraging the new advancements in internet, and even affording my first laptop ever - this video goes on to tell you how having the mindset of making money is way more important than money itself. Hope this video helps you make the best use of your 20’s by bringing on that mindset.