Free Hacking Resources and Softwares 2022 9GB

Hacking Resources

Welcome everyone, Here I am with a collection of softwares related to hacking and Cracking.

The collection is approx 9GB located on mega drive, Click on the download link given below.

Download Link

Checkout resources at:

Download Tips:

What should I do if my download limit exceeds for free account?

Due to mega policies, Your IP address is connected to your download limit, So simplest way to bypass it would be disconnect from internet and connect your device again to internet.

This procedure will change your IP address and your download limit with again be restored.

What should I do if mega removes these files but I need them?

I have personally downloaded those files from mega, and are available offline on my devices, you can contact me via: Maybe if I receive enough requests, then I might upload them to Google drive or some other mega account in case you need them.

Are these files safe to use and doesn’t contain viruses?

No, these files might contain viruses and you are responsible for testing them out in Virtual Machine prior to using them, I don’t own any of these softwares so I can’t guarantee any virus scans or claims, Feel free to use them at your own risk.

And after all If you are reading this post and are interested in downloading files, then It means You are aware of hacks and tools, So That knowledge should help you out filter things useful to you.