Earn 1 Free Hi Dollar Everyday

“Let’s Get Hi Together”

What is Hi dollar?

Hi dollar is a new emerging cryptocurrency. They are developing the world’s most scalable and inclusive technologies to maximize human potential. Built on the block-chain and powered by their membership token the Hi Dollar, say hi to the future of identity, money, and internet.

Experienced and Proven Team

They have experienced team composed of entrepreneurs, executives, technologists, and thinkers from: bitcoin.com, Alibaba, crypto.com, Tencent, etc.

How to sign up for Hi?

  1. Go to hi.com (Yes it referral link and you do need a referral link to sign up.)

  2. Now sign up with what’s app or telegram by clicking on icon at bottom.

  3. If u sign up with what’s app, you will see screen as shown below.

  1. Just send a message. Choose your language & start collecting your free reward of 1 Hi dollar daily.

How much money can I make from Hi?

The current value of Hi dollar is 1.3746 USD. (As of 14 Nov 2021).

You get free 1 Hi dollar every day. That means you will get 365 free hi dollars per year even if you do not invite anyone else.

So with current value of Hi dollar that will be around $501 USD per year.

So If Hi dollar value goes just upto $3-4 after 1 year (it will definitely pass above that) you can easily make over $1000 USD in a year without much work. And if u invite other. The potential is huge.

So go sign up. Invite others. LET’S GET HI TOGETHER :sunglasses:.


how to withdraw hi dollers ?


You get 1 free Hi dollar everyday as reward. And it is locked in reward section for 1 year. After 1 year this reward is transferred to your flexible account and then from there you can withdraw your money.
At first you may think that not being able to withdraw your rewards immediately is bad, but actually it us good for us. HI gives us this daily reward because we are holding their currency. And the more ppls holds it, higher it’s value goes. And because ppls will be holding this currency for such a long period, it’s value will continue go up. That means more profit to us after 1 year.
If you want to know more about their withdraw process, visit their official site hi.com or checkout their YouTube channel. Everything is explained there. You can even check withdrawal proof from many youtubers -
Hi Dollars Earning Proof – How to Withdraw Hi Dollars Step-by-Step (See Passive Earning Proof) - YouTube

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This is really awesome! I’ve already earned 2 Hi dollars :star_struck:

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