Download Top Trader Academy Complete Course - Selling Options For Profits

Some of the Major Topics

    • Introduction to the Stock Market and Technical Analysis
    • Stock Options (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega)
    • How to practice without risking any of your Money (Paper Money)
    • Why selling Options is much better than buying them
    • What is a Vertical/Iron Condor/Strangle
    • How to identify the best candidates for Iron Condors/Strangles
    • How to exit/adjust a trade when its going against you
    • When to exit a trade when it’s going in your favor
    • How to create your portfolio (Mathematical diversification vs. by Industry)
    • Our copyrighted Trade Repair Roadmap to salvage almost any trade using Verticals, Strangles, Straddles, Covered Puts and Covered Calls
    • How to size your trades appropriately to avoid substantial losses from regular market movements
    • Why when the market is dropping it’s the best time to make money! - Volatility and how to benefit from it
    • What is notional value and why is it important
    • How to select to enter with an Iron Condor, Iron Butterfly, Strangle or Straddle (and how to construct each one)
    • How to defend each of the above if the market goes against you. Turn them into Verticals, Inverted Strangles or Straddles
    • How to use time to your advantage to save almost every trade


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