hii karthik_karthik. Please kindly forward it to me too.

hi do you get the link pleaseee share it to me pleaseee

My 13 tb courses of mega account is blocked, so i can’t send, if i want to acccess 23 tb courses i need to upgrade mega, but it is asking money to upgrade mega

sir i am also need the 13 tb mega course [gmail: [email protected]]

sir i am also need the 13 tb mega course [gmail: [email protected]]

can someone provide applied roots machine learning course…it is missing.

sir please share it mega links course

share to me mate the link thanks

Please dm me the courses link.
or send me the links at : [email protected]

None of the links are working. Please update.

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Please update the link. This one is expired.

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Anyone having link of APPLIED AI Machine Learning Course please share.

Please update the link, it’s expired.

Bro please share the 13tb mega link at: [email protected]

please gives this links 13 tb gmail : [email protected]

please give these links 13 TB to my [email protected]

plz share link again

sir plz share 13 tb link again

13 tb Mega link

13 TB working link Backup ASAP…