Create Free One Drive 1 TB Storage accounts | New Method | 100% Working|

This is totally free giving, we are not responsible for data and no support for the account. Suggest not upload important files and make multiple backups. Please use it reasonably


Hello. they gave me 1 id with @stulife and a password. how to login and where do i use that stulife credentials? microsoft one drive not recognizing stulife as a domain.

Bro I wanna ask is it safe to store Personal Files on this drive because the space itself is not owned by us directly?

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Never Upload your personal Files !

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Bro I think you have to ligin here
and in android application it is working fine

How safe are my files if i encrypt them with veacypt before uploading with full 128 character password?

@Ashutosh_Singh 101% safe if u encrypt them, but I suggest using cryptomator for encrypting files if u are going to store them in the cloud. Veracrypt is good if u are storing it in a local disk or external disk.

Try cryptomator once. It’s open-source and free to use.


IF your using browser downlaod opera and it has a inbuild vpn start that and then login in the site all things will work smooth