Check AWS, Intel, Udacity ML/AI Scholarship 2022 Opportunity

ML/AI Scholarship

AWS, INTEL and Udacity ML/AI Scholarship & African Leadership Group 2022 have decided to launch a scholarship. Grab this opportunity ASAP.


  • Total 2,000 students will be selected for scholarships in 2022! It’s an opportunity to earn valuable skills to open new career opportunities in the lucrative field of AI and ML

  • All applicants can access 20 hours of free training modules and tutorials on the basics of machine learning with AWS DeepRacer Student.

Courses Offerred

ALX-T in collaboration with Udacity is offering free specialisations in:

  1. Data Analyst,
  2. Full Stack Web Development,
  3. DevOps Engineer and
  4. Cloud Development Nanodegrees.

How to apply?

Apply at Amazon

Apply at Alx-t

Note: that you will need to answer some basic assessment quiz on Python, HTML, CSS, SQL depending on your chosen Nanodegree.